Doctor / Patient Relationship

One of the most important aspects of the doctor/patient relationship is trust. Trust needs to be established early on so that the healing can take place.

“I want my patients to be able to come to me for any of their health and wellness needs and if it is something I cannot help them with I will refer them to the appropriate physician.”

It is important for doctors or all disciplines to work closely with their patients so we can provide them with the best possible care through each others knowledge.

Chiropractic / Exercise /Diet

Here at Gulotta Chiropractic Wellness Institute we want people to understand the importance of taking care of their body through not only chiropractic but exercise and diet. Many times we undervalue the importance of these things and take our health for granted. Quick fixes are most of the time not the answer and the only true path to health and wellness is changing our mindset of what health really is.

Dr. Joseph Gulotta believes many people view health as a pill or just not having symptoms. You are probably only half way there if you have no symptoms and want people to get as close to 100% health as possible. This may be an impossible task but if we can keep everyone at a high level of health not only will it help the individual but also our society and nation.